Teacher Sponsor: Kenneth Stampe

Phone: 469-593-3232

Parent Rep: Kimberly Kort
Sport Info: The primary purposes of the Eagle Guard are to create enthusiasm and support for Richardson High School athletic teams as well as to uphold the legacy, heritage, honor and spirit of Richardson High School.  Participation in Eagle Guard is a privilege.  Eagle Guard members are leaders both in and out of school, and as such will exhibit good citizenship, high moral standards and assume responsibility for developing school spirit. 

Our organization is year-round and tryouts are in the Spring. Eagle Guard members are current upperclassmen so tryouts are restricted to Sophomore and Junior students. We have a squad of no more than 14 students and returning members do not have to tryout again.


Eagle Guard Pep Rallies 2016-17: 

Homecoming Court Nomination: Sept. 30

Homecoming: Oct. 14

Senior Pep Rally: Nov. 14

Magnet Pep Rally: Jan. 13


On pep rally weeks, Eagle Guard meets after school every day (and sometimes on Sundays before the week starts)