RHS Athletic Booster Club would like to thank our 2016-17 Members




 Kara and Alan Abbruzzese

Elaine Angell

Javier Balli

 Marcia and Rick Barnett

Sam Benjamin

Karen and Larry Breazeale

Sarah Byrom

Kim and James Cerny

Michelle Chapman

Mary and Chad Collins

Cathy and Richard Corse

Susan and Ronnie Cunyus

Kim Follis

Rhonda Goodnight

Debbie Harberson

Beth and Keith Hileman

Lucy Hudspeth

Kandi Koch

Kimberly and Jeff Kort

Jodie Ledat

Poppy Lopez

March Mach

Lisa McGillem

Erika McMillan

Laura Morrison

 Scott Moss

Melanie and Wayne Mueller

Kelly and Anthony Natale

Khue Nguyen and Duke Ngo

Carol Park

Michelle and Charlie Patchen

Robbin and Henry Presley

Debbie and Juan Renteria

Laura Riddle

Shelly Scanlon

Sara and Jason Sears

Pam and Chad Simmons

Dawn and Jason Simmons

Angela Smith

Cynthia and Dehn Smith

Thomas Smith III

Laurie and Alan Stein

Christopher Stephens

Kimberly Stokes

Maureen Tarantello

Karen and Bruce Washington

Maureen and Don Wertzberger

Gina and Max Westerfield

Scott Wynne






     White Eagle  

Lynn Allsup

Barbara and Jamie Anderson

Donnie Arnick

Raquel Bailey

The Banks Family

March Baremore

Marcia and Rick Barnett

Tammy and Bobby Brackens

The Broberg Family

Alison and Kerin Bryant

Jane and Eddie



Lourdes Caballero

Dietra Carter

Brenda and Rob Colburn



Tara and Tony Cunningham

Andrea and Michael Danielson

Esther and Jason Davis

Laurie and Carl Dunlap

Kristen and Luc


Dena Fender

Tarita Gilmer

Ami and Eric Gollihar



Priscilla and Brad Hagstrom

Angela Hanks

The Hartigan Family

Marcia and Norm Heindl

Eddie Jackson

Sherrie Jackson

Stephanie and Keith Jones

Ginger and Howdy Jones



Cassandra Lyles

Cheryl Macy

CM Mahler

Laura Mercer

Karen and James Monroe

Melanie Mueller

Michael Mulvey

Krista and Clay Norris

Krista and Kelly Norwood

Saprina Palomo and Kenneth OKere

Tracy and Gavin Michelle

Kathy Seelman

Michelle Shollack

Erin and Brad Sutton

Sheila Tamez

Linda and Phil West

Jay Worst





     Purple Eagle  

Nicole and Terry Brantley

Laura and Jack Dodgen

Angela and Richard Geoffrion



Laura Harber and Jim Synhorst

Kimberley and Jonathan Harrison

Laura and Anthony Hill

Jane and Morten Hopkins/Ebby Halliday

Alycia and Jay Mills

Rachel Montgomery

Regina and Doug Moss

Fiona Murray

Khue Nguyen and Duke Ngo

The O'Casey Family

Leonor Perez

Laurie and Luke Plese

Renee Rubin

Maire Shannon and Brian Shiu





     Golden Eagle  

 Marcy and Robert Berry

Vicki and Gary Harding

Elaine and Randy Mishler

Kirsten Pruski

Ale and Gary Wallace








     Soaring Eagle  

Anne and Barry Hobbs 




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